Diploma Order Information

Diplomas are sent via U. S. Mail.  You should receive your diploma 4-6 weeks after the degree is granted.

Diplomas will be sent to your permanent address.  If you want your diploma sent to any other address, this must be requested in writing.

If you require a replacement diploma:

  • You will need to place an order through Parchment at this link:  Parchment order
  • The fee for an additional diploma is $25.00.  
  • It should be noted that the original signatures on your diploma may have changed.  The current administrators will sign your new diploma.
  • Some students request that a new diploma reflect a name change.  Because the diploma is an historical document, the name used at the time of degree completion must be used.

If you have further questions about your diploma please contact the registrar's office at (208) 467-8548 or email us at